The european camping key

To stay at an approved danish campsite you need a valid camping card named the "Camping Key Europe".

If such a card should not be already available to you one can be ordered on the first campsite you arrive at. A valid ID card is required for application however. The card can also be obtained at ervery local tourist bureau and it can be ordered online.

The card types and pricing

Camping Key Europe:

Costs 110 DKK per year and includes couples as well as singles with their children up to 18 years of age as long as live at home at the same permanent address. Usable all over Europe.


Cards for groups (minimum of 5 and maximum of 11 persons travelling together). The group leader must be 18 years or older. The pass has to be shown with an complete list of participants travelling together and is priced at 110 DKK.

Transit Card:

The Transit Card is for single overnight stay and is priced at 35 DKK. Usable in Denmark only

Order online

The "Camping Key Europe" can be ordered online. The order form will open in a new browser window where you can fill it out.